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Based in the heart of Munich-Germany, it is the international online-only provider of INSIDE Getränke, the most important German Beverage Magazine, founded in 1977 and since then WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENT for beverage brands. Therefore INSIDE is completly incorruptible and independent.

If you've ever wished to drink your favorite beverage while gambling, Las Vegas is the place to be. The city is dotted with famous beer bars and festivals, where you can enjoy a cold one while you play slots. Craft beer Las Vegas-themed events are popular with people who like to have a little fun and an adrenaline rush. Many of the land casinos in Vegas also offer craft beer. While you're at the casino, try out some new beers or try your luck at a new craft.

With we start a new journey to the global beer markets. Our Editor Peter Schill, former owner and CEO of German maltster Schill Malz, worked 30 years in the global beer business. We are happy about any kind of feedback: Talk straight! We will as well.