Angola: New 1.44 million hl brewery inaugurated

Isabel dos Santos, oldest daughter of Angola's former President José Eduardo dos Santos and Africa’s richest woman, and her husband Sindika Dokolo, son of a millionaire from Kinshasa and his Danish wife, attended on Friday the inauguration of Angola’s newest greenfield brewery. The couple is owner of Sociedade de Distribuição de Bebidas de Angola (Sodiba), a company that invested more than US$100 million (about €85 million) in the construction of the new brewery in Bom Jesus, Ícolo e Bengo, 60 km south-east of Angola’s capital Luanda.

"We have already prepared the second part of the plant, with earthworks, which will be a duplication of the production lines here alongside this line that we just inaugurated today, which led to an investment above 100 million dollars, which was our limit,"Sindika Dokolo said.

Construction of the brewery started in 2015 and was financed only from private funds.

In February Sodiba signed a license agreement with Sociedade Central de Cervejas from Portugal, which is controlled by Dutch Heineken group, for the production of Portugal’s leading beer brand Sagres. One of the two filling lines will be totally dedicated to Sagres beer, while the other one will be used for the new local brand Luandina.  According to the owners, the brewery also plans other new products.

Market leader in Angola is Cuca BGI, which belongs to the French Castel Group. The group produces Angola’s leading brand Cuca, as well as many other well-known beer brands like Nocal, Eka , Ngola and Bela.

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