Argentina/Chile: Copa Cervezas de América postponed

The Copa Cervezas de América beer competition as well as the Brewers Conference which were scheduled this year for the first time in Mar del Plata, Argentina, have been canceled and will most likely take place at a later time this year in Chile. The exact date has yet to be confirmed, according to a statement from last Friday.

The organizers are currently outlining two possible scenarios which would consider the following dates:

  • Option 1) Contest and Conference to be carried out in the last week of October or first week of November (registration in September, sample delivery in October).
  • Option 2) Contest and Conference to be carried out in first or second week of December (registration in October, sample delivery in November).

In both cases Copa Cervezas de América would take place in Chile. “We hope to have more clarity regarding this during the first days of September to be able to define what will finally happen with the Copa Cervezas de América 2020 edition. We dream this pandemic will pass and we will soon be able to meet again, hug and toast with our friends,” the organizers said.

“Our dream to move abroad is still alive and we hope to achieve it sooner than later, once the planet has healed,” the statement ends.

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