Australia: Asahi restructures CUB

After the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approved the takeover of Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) by Asahi Group Holdings under certain conditions (, 1.4.2020) and CUB became part of Asahi Beverages on 1 June 2020, the group has now announced several organizational changes.

As a first step, Asahi Premium Beverages and Carlton and United Breweries will now operate under the CUB brand. The combined business will have a broad portfolio of brands including Asahi Super Dry, Great Northern, Carlton Draught, Peroni, Corona, VB, Carlton Dry, Pure Blonde, Mountain Goat, Vodka Cruiser, Somersby Cider, Woodstock Bourbon, the Yaks, Pirate Life, 4PinesandBalter.

Merging the two companies will reduce the number of Asahi Beverages business divisions from four to three, with the non-alcohol business Asahi Lifestyle Beverages and Asahi Beverages New Zealand unaffected by the move.  “We’re very pleased that Peter Filipovic will continue to lead CUB as CEO of our alcohol Business Division in Australia, joining Stuart Roberts CEO Asahi Lifestyle Beverages and Andrew Campbell CEO Asahi Beverages New Zealand,” said Asahi in an announcement last week.

Other key appointments which will operate under CUB CEO Peter Filipovic and will be in place by 1st October are

  • Michael Ritoli, formerly General Manager of Sales, has been appointed as General Manager of CUB Premium Beverages.
  • Peter Bingeman has been appointed General Manager of sales at CUB. He worked before at Visit Victoria, Mondelez International, Kraft Foods and Cadburys.
  • David Stingl has been appointed as General Manager of Fire & Earth Ventures. The division was  transferred from AB InBev to Asahi following CUB’s acquisition and was formerly known as ZX Ventures.
  • Asha Skyring has been appointed to General Manager, Strategy & Analytics,
  • Brian Phan will continue as General Manager of marketing for CUB.

“CUB’s Leadership Team will help us harness the strength of our expanded portfolio and partner with our customers to deliver long-term growth for their businesses,” cited BrewsNews a CUB spokesman today.

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