Australia: BrewDog to build new brewery on East coast

Scottish enfant terrible BrewDog has announced to build its third brewery on Australia’s East coast, either in Newcastle / New South Wales, 160 km north of Sydney,  or in Brisbane, Queensland’ss capital. “We love the vibes of these cities and think either would be perfect for BrewDog brewery/brewpub”, the company said on its website.

BrewDog hired Zarah Prior, a native Australian form Brisbane to find the right site for the new brewery. This could be either an existing industrial site to redevelop with a built up facility of 2,000 - 4,000m² or a plot of land able to accommodate a build of that size with room for expansion.

Just ten years ago, in 2007, the BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie started their first brewery in Aberdeen/Scotland, In September last year, both announced the construction of their second brewery in Columbus/Ohio (, 4.9.2016). The new site in Ohio will produce 100,000 hectoliters (85,200 barrels) in the first year of production and will reach full capacity of 1 million hectoliters (852,000 barrels) after two or three years. Next week, Ohio-brewed Punk IPA hits the taps of craft beer bars in the US.

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