Australia: BrewDog to open $30m brewery in Brisbane

Scottish craft brewer BrewDog, which is known for its unconventional beers and marketing campaigns, has chosen Queensland’s capital Brisbane in Australia as location of its third brewery. BrewDog plans to invest $30 million in a brewery with canning facility, restaurant and visitor center, with construction to start later this year and production in 2019.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: "I'm glad our Australian fans at home and in the diaspora were relentless in pushing for a brewery, and I look forward to sharing my first can of Aussie-brewed Punk IPA with them."

BrewDog was founded a decade ago by James Watt and Martin Dickie in Aberdeen/Scotland. Supported by regular crowdfunding share offers and unconventional and sometimes disturbing marketing campaigns the company expanded quickly.

  • The company for example sold a blond Belgian-style ale in a taxidermy squirrel.
  • BrewDog also fought a long lasting battle with a Bavarian brewery for the strongest beer ever produced, with a beer called Sink the Bismarck! after a Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine battleship, which was sunk by the British navy in 1941.
  • Just two weeks ago BrewDog won its battle against the Elvis Presley estate after a previous ruling, which banned the Scottish brewer from calling one of its beers Elvis Juice. (, 17.7.2017)

In September , BrewDog revealed plans to build a second brewery in the United States, in the mid-western city of Columbus/Ohio (, 4.9.2016), which opened already in August 2017.

In July 2017, the Scottish craft brewer announced to to build a new brewery on Australia’s east coast and named Zarah Prior, a native Australian form Brisbane to find the right site for the new brewery. (, 30.07.2017)

In the last ten years the company has grown from one brewery to two, from two employees to about 800 and from one brewpub to around 31 bars across the UK and another 17 worldwide including in cities like Sao Paulo, Helsinki, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin and Brisbane. (, 29.11.2016)

In April 2017, BrewDog announced that it had sold 23 percent of its shares to San Francisco-based private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners, a company which is also co-owner of Los Angeles-based Pabst Brewing Company. This gave the founders, who cast themselves in the role of a punk brewer sceptical of major corporations, some headwind in social media. (, 10.4.2017)

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