Australia: Coopers new 54,000 t malthouse inaugurated

Family owned Coopers Brewery has opened a new $65mn, 13,000 sqm malting facility at its Regency Park brewery in Adelaide, South Australia. At full capacity, the maltings will produce around 54,000 tons of malt a year from which 17,000 will be used in the own brewery with the remainder being sold to third parties.

The project represents the largest single investment in Coopers’ 155 year history, eclipsing the $40 million cost of the Regency Park brewery in 2001. The maltings is entirely self-funded and will create an additional eight jobs.

According to Managing Director Dr Tim Cooper the new facilty, which was designed and equipped by Buhler from Switzerland and assembled by South Australian Ahrens Group, is “in terms of water usage, process control and automation … the most advanced maltings in the world.”

“Some of the innovations we have incorporated include full stainless-steel construction, enclosed conveyors, together with advanced process control and monitoring,” Dr Cooper added. The water used in production will come from saline aquifers beneath the brewery, which is desalinated on site. Power is mostly drawn from Coopers’ on-site cogeneration plant, which also provides recovered heat for the kiln.

Last year, the manager already said that “the new plant will guarantee our supply of high quality malt for future growth. It also marks Coopers’ return to the malting business after the sale in 2002 of Adelaide Malting Company to Ausbulk to help fund the move from Leabrook to Regency Park.” (, 26.12.2016)

“When we sold to AusBulk, it was with the intent of eventually getting back into that business,” Dr Cooper said.

Adelaide Malting Company started in 1986 and was sold in 2002 at a price of A$16 million. Today, the malthouse is part of international maltster Cargill with products which are branded Joe White Maltings.

The first beer brewed from malt from the new plant is expected to hit the market before Christmas.

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