Australia: Sixth-generation family brewer joins Coopers

Australia's largest independent family-owned brewery, Coopers, has welcomed Iain Cooper, a sixth-generation family member, to their team. Iain, an internationally qualified brewer, has returned from working overseas to take on the role of Technical Brewer at Coopers' Regency Park brewery in the outskirts of Adelaide, South Australia.

During his time abroad, he spent 3.5 years at Carlsberg in Copenhagen, where he focused on malt research and refined his craft brewing skills. This experience brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Coopers, which has a partnership with Carlsberg for brewing and distributing its pilsners in Australia.

Returning in May, Iain is now actively involved in making beers that bear his own family name. Reflecting on his journey, he mentioned working during school holidays to assemble home-brew kits and assist with Christmas deliveries. However, he admitted that joining the family business wasn't always a certainty.

Having a strong interest in film, Iain initially pursued a media and economics degree at the University of NSW. However, his desire to explore the world of brewing led him to change course and pursue his passion by gaining practical experience and knowledge.

As per the family tradition, aspiring family members are encouraged to establish themselves outside the business before joining. Following this principle, Iain embarked on a journey that involved working with local breweries in Edinburgh and pursuing a Master of Science in brewing and distilling. He then moved to Copenhagen, immersing himself in the scientific and technical aspects of brewing while managing a pilot malting plant.

Iain is thrilled about the future of the brewery, especially with the ongoing construction of a new visitor center, microbrewery, and whisky distillery.

Iain is not the only sixth-generation family member to join Coopers Brewery. His cousin Andrew Cooper, son of company Chairman Glenn Cooper, serves as the brewery's Export Beer Manager, and Iain's sister Louise Cooper holds the position of Strategic Development Manager.

Dr. Tim Cooper, Iain's father and Coopers' Managing Director and Chief Brewer, expressed his pride in seeing his son carry on the family brewing legacy. He commended Iain's unique brewing style and commitment to the craft, highlighting the promising future that lies ahead with Iain, Louise, and Andrew as sixth-generation family members at Coopers.

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