Austria: First “Red Bull Beer” launched

Thalheim is the new beer brand of Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz. The beer, which is brewed in a brandnew brewery in Thalheim near Pöls in Styra, Austria, was launched these days and will initially be sold only in Mateschitz’ own bars and restaurants around the Red-Bull-Ring, a formula 1 race track in Spielberg, Austria. The greenfield brewery is only 150 m apart from Sauerbrunn Castle. In 2008 Mateschitz bought the dilapidated castle, which was used until 2001 as filling plant for the associated mineral springs named Thalheimer Schlossbrunnen. (, 18.10.2017)

The brewery, which started test runs of beer in April, currently brews the varieties Märzen, Pils and a citrus beer-mix, called Zitronenradler. At the same time, also non-alcoholic sodas from Thalheimer Heilwasser are available.

Thalheimer Heilwasser is also operator of the brewery. Managing director of Thalheimer is the son of the Red Bull boss, Mark Dietrich Mateschitz (formerly Gerhardter). The heir to the Red Bull imperium is the result of a two-year relationship between Mateschitz and former ski instructor, Anita Gerhardter. The mother of his sole son is now head of the Mateschitz Foundation Wings for Life, a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation.

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