Belgium: AB InBev announces major global reorganization

AB InBev is streamlining its global management structure by reducing the company's geographic structure from 9 to 6 management zones. Additionaly the company evolves its Executive Board of Management (EBM) into an Executive Committee (ExCom). All changes will become effective on 1 January 2019.

In detail the changes are as follows:

  • The new Middle Americas zone which headquarters in Mexico City, Mexico, will combine the current COPEC (Colombia, Perú, Ecuador) and Middle Americas zones and the business unit  Central America and Caribbean. Carlos Lisboa, currently Zone President Latin America South, will become Zone President for Middle Americas.
  • The new South America zone which headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will combine the current Latin America South zone and the business unit Brazil. Bernardo Paiva, currently Zone President Latin America North, will become Zone President for South America.
  • The new APAC zone which headquarters in Shanghai will combine the current Asia Pacific North and Asia Pacific South zones. Jan Craps, currently Zone President Asia Pacific South, will become Zone President for APAC
  • Marketing and ZX Ventures will be combined under a common global lead. Pedro Earp, currently Chief Disruptive Growth Officer, will now hold the dual role of Chief Marketing and ZX Ventures Officer. ZX Ventures will continue to be independent from core business under the leadership of Bernardo Novick, currently VP Client Services Latin America North.
  • Jason Warner, currently business unit President Northern Europe, will become Zone President for Europe.
  • Ricardo Moreira, currently Zone President COPEC, will become Zone President for Africa.
  • Ricardo Tadeu, currently Zone President Africa, will become Chief Sales Officer and will replace David Almeida, who took on this additional responsibility on an interim basis over the past year.
  • Miguel Patricio, currently Chief Marketing Officer, will become Chief Special Global Projects - Marketing, reporting to Carlos Brito.
  • Jean Jereissati, currently Zone President Asia Pacific North, will take on a new role that will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • Stuart MacFarlane, currently Zone President for Europe, has decided to leave the company to pursue other interests, effective 1 May 2019.

In this context the Executive Board of Management (EBM) will evolve into an Executive Committee (ExCom). The ExCom members will be Chief Executive Officer – Carlos Brito, Chief Financial and Solutions Officer – Felipe Dutra, Chief External Affairs and Strategy Officer – David Kamenetzky and General Counsel and Company Secretary – John Blood.

The ExCom will work with the Board on matters such as corporate governance, general management of the company and the implementation of corporate strategy as defined by the Board.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will drive the commercial and operational agenda. The SLT will be made up of the members of the ExCom, all other functional Chiefs and Zone Presidents and will continue to report to Carlos Brito.


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