Belgium: AB InBev reports lower sales but increased revenue in third quarter

AB InBev released on Thursday its results for the third quarter and the nine months 2017.

Revenue in the last quarter grew by 3.6%, while total volumes declined by 1.2%. This resulted in an even higher  revenue per hl growth of 5.0%. EBITDA increased by 13.8% in 3Q17, driven by revenue growth and continued synergy capture. One year after the integration of SAB Miller, AB InBev has further increased its synergy guidance by $400 million to $3.2 billion.

Continued strong growth in Mexico, Argentina, and Africa was more than offset by soft shipment volumes in the US, primarily driven by the substantial weather impact in many parts of the country,and Brazil. The Premium and Premium Light segments in the US continue to underperform the industry. Budweiser and Bud Light market share declined by 45 and 95 bps this quarter, respectively. As AB InBev expands  its portfoliobeyond traditional beer, the company is driving the momentum behind the SpikedSeltzer and Teavana brands.

Please find the full report here.

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