Belgium: Local business man revives discontinued AB InBev beer brand

Patrick Vanoppen, a local real estate investor from Leuven, Belgium, has purchased the brand rights of Peeterman beer from AB InBev and will resume production of the traditional beer. He has bought several old houses on the Hogeschoolplein in Leuven with its real estate company Vivinvest and wants to open a hotel, a beer bar and a brewery by 2020.

Peeterman beer was one one of the most popular beer brands in Leuven in the 19th century. It was brewed by Brouwerij De Eendracht which was bought by Brouwerij Artois more than 80 years ago, which subsequently became Interbrew and later AB InBev. The Peterman brand was discontinued in 1974.

Vanoppen hopes to revive now the brand after more than 40 years much like he did with the Goldor brand from former Bierbrouwerij Breda, which was also discontinued after the brewery was bought by Brouwerij Artois in the 1970s.

"With the brewery, we want to revive a number of old Leuven beers. So far we did so on a limited scale with the Goldor Pils beer and the wheat beer Blondor. We will also put Peeterman back into circulation, just like other beers such as Adrianus. While waiting to have our own brewery, we leave brewing to De Kroon in Neerijse, "says Bert Crombez, responsible for beer creation.

Peeterman was a sour beer brand that was was most popular in Leuven in the 18th century and far beyond. With the rise of Hoegaarden's white beer, the sour beer became less and less popular. Therefore Crombez considers changing the recipe but he wants to leave the decision open to the cosumers. “We will let the people in Leuven decide which version we will bring into the market, "says Crombez.

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