Boycott of Yuengling beer after Trump support

Beer of D.G. Yuengling & Son brewing company faces a boycott after brewery owner Richard  (Dick) Yuengling Jr. expressed support for Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Eric Trump, one of Donald J. Trump’s sons, had this week  a tour through the Pennsylvania-based brewery, which is said to be America’s oldest. Afterwards Dick Juengling Jr. expressed his support for the controversial Republican candidate, who has received a lot of objections for his derogatory remarks on minorities and socially marginalised groups like Muslims, Hispanics and gay people. “Our guys are behind your father. We need him in there,” the 73 years old fifth-generation owner told Trump’s 32 year old son.

His remarks did not go unnoticed by Yuengling’s consumers. Many of them were shocked and said they would boycott the beer. On the other hand, Trump’s supporters were delighted about Yuengling’s endorsement. Overall it looks like the harm to Yuengling’s beer sales might by far outweigh the positive effects.

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