BrewDog expands to America

BrewDog served in a taxidermy squirrel

BrewDog, the unconventional Scottish brewerery, which was founded in 2007 and already brews more than 130.000 hectoliters a year is stepping across the ocean and opens a brewery in the mid-western city of Columbus/Ohio. The owners, James Watt and Martin Dickie, expect to produce 100,000 hectoliters (85,200 barrels) in the first year of production and to reach full capacity of 1 million hectoliters (852,000 barrels) after two or three years. The new brewery, which covers nearly 9,300 square meters (100,000 square feet ) will cost $30.4 million ($40m) and will be operational late this year or early next year. Likewise the Scottish operation, financing will be done by crowd funding. BrewDog is looking to raise up to $50 million ($66m) from individual investors using Reg A+.

Through their EquityforPunks USA campaign the founders already collected $ 1 million (£0.75m) within the first three days. BrewDog shareholders, receive an immediate £10 ($13) cashback in beer for every share £47.5 ($63) and a free beer every year in a BrewDog bar on their birthday. Furthermore investors are entitled to receive a discount of 5% up to 10% depending on their investment in the company. The online shop offers even higher discounts up to 20% for 6 shares or more.

The current round in crowdfunding follows four preceding rounds with a total of 46,000 investors worldwide. Round four, which closed in April, raised £19m ($25m).

BrewDog became famous for unconventional and sometimes disturbing marketing campaigns. The company for example sells a blond Belgian-style ale in a taxidermy squirrel. BrewDog also had a long lasting battle with a Bavarian brewery for the strongest beer ever produced. After having surpassed once again the Bavarians they called their new beer Sink the Bismarck! after a Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine battleship which was sunk by the British navy in 1941. Just recently they launched a beer called The End of History with 55% ABV which was immediately sold out.

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