BrewDog spreads brew pubs all over the U.S.

The unconventional brewers from Scottish craft brewer BrewDog plan their next attack on the American beer market. After opening their first brewery in the mid-western city of Columbus/Ohio early next year, they intend to open up a BrewDog  Brew Pub in any American city where at least 500 people invest in its Equity For Punks USA crowdfunding offering.

The BrewDog Brew Pubs have been a huge success all over the world with 28 locations in the UK and another 17 worldwide including cities like Sao Paulo, Helsinki, Tokyo, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin and Hong Kong.

"Our BrewDog bars are beer meccas, hop temples and cathedrals of malt. We strive to spread the word about awesome craft beer in our bars, embracing the local beer scene and providing a platform for the world's best beers to be enjoyed in an inimitable setting." says James Watt, CEO of BrewDog, who founded the Scottish brewery in 2007 together with his partner Martin Dickie and their dog.

Investors enjoy several benefits while investing in EquityforPunks USA: Every shareholders receives an immediate £10 ($13) cashback in beer for every share £47.5 ($63) and a free beer every year in a BrewDog bar on their birthday. Furthermore investors are entitled to receive a discount of 5% up to 10% depending on their investment in the company. The online shop offers even higher discounts up to 20% for 6 shares or more.

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