Cambodia: Heineken opens 3 million hl brewery

Cambodia Brewery Ltd (CBL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Heineken Asia-Pacific, inaugurated yesterday a new brewery in the outskirts of Phnom Penh. It is already Heineken’s second brewery in the Southeast Asian kingdom and will more than triple the company’s existing capacity when operating at full production of 3 million hectoliters. The $100 million investment demonstrates the confidence of the Dutch brewing group in a further increase of beer consumption in Cambodia. Statistically every Cambodian consumes 38.6 liters per person, which is already on the high side in comparison to other countries in the region. Nevertheless, strong economic growth, a higher living standard and changes in lifestyle will continue to drive growth in domestic beer consumption, according to Frans Eusman, president of Heineken Asia-Pacific.

The company also starts to brew Heineken beer locally, which has been imported so far.  “CBL has now been approved by Heineken to produce our iconic Heineken beer brand, a testament that Cambodia is a competitive manufacturing hub for growth prospects, and with stringent quality standards,” Eusman said.

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