Cameroon: Local billionaire opens new brewery

The fourth brewery in Cameroon is scheduled to open tomorrow. Societe Brasseries Samuel Foyou (Brasaf) is a private venture of Samuel Foyou, a Cameroonian businessman and one of the ten richest people in the French-speaking sub-Saharan region according to Forbes magazine.

Groupe Foyou consists of various companies involved in spirits (Fermencam), matches (Unalor), packaging (Plasticam), table salt (Sotrasel), bakeries and pastries (Biscuiterie Samuel Foyou, BSF), transportation services (C2TL), hotel industry (Chrystal Palace) and construction (Halles Deco).

“Brasaf will officially launch its first beer containing 75 percent malt and 25 percent corn on June 30. This alcoholic drink wants to be different from the others in terms of its quality and its packaging on the market,” the company stated in a press release.

The product will be marketed under the brand name “Slash Beer” at “competitive prices” in PET (plastic) bottles of 0.65cl and 0.33cl, with a 5.1-percent alcohol volume and will compete with three other already established players.

Societe Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC), a subsidiary of the French GroupeCastel, is by far the biggest player in the market with a market share of about 74% followed byGuinness Cameroon SA with 15% and Union des Brasseries du Cameroun (UCB), owned by Cameroonian billionaire Kadji de Fosso with about 10%.

Besides beer, the new company will also produce a line of soft drinks marketed as low in sugar and gas under the brand name Krystal Drink.

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