China: Illegal Budweiser filling operation raided by police

Authorities in Donggua, in the south of China, raided an illegal beer factory, producing counterfeit cans of Budweiser beer. Footage of the raid was posted on the internet and has started going viral.

The film shows unhygienic conditions which makes most people turn away in disgust: Workers fill cans by dunking them with their bare hands into a tub of beer. Afterwards the cans are primitively sealed using old and dirty machines without any precautions.

Reputedly the factory filled 600,000 cartons of fake beer per month, which was sold to nightclubs and bars.

Officials of AB InBev, the maker of Budweiser beer and holder of the name rights confirmed that the company does not outsource or franchise operations to third parties and that the company is now seeking legal actions. 

The incident is not unique to AB InBev's Zone President Asia Pacicific North Jean Jereissati, because already last September policemen seized nearly 26,000 cans of fake Budweiser in Guangzhou, in the south of China.

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