Colombia: Bavaria Breaks Ground on 6 Million HL Brewery

Bavaria SA, the leading brewing group in Colombia and a subsidiary of AB InBev, has initiated the construction of the new Atlantic Brewery. Unveiled in December 2022 (, 20.12.2022), the plans for this USD 430 million investment with a projected capacity of 6 million hectoliters, signify a pivotal moment in Bavaria's history and are poised to transform the brewing landscape in the region.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Atlantic Brewery has now taken place, with Sergio Rincón, President of Bavaria, and Soraya Caro Vargas, Acting Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, jointly placing the cornerstone.

The Atlantic Brewery is poised to become a powerhouse in both the brewing industry and regional development. Notably, during the construction phase alone, approximately 2,000 job opportunities will be generated, boosting the local economy. Upon its operational phase, the brewery is anticipated to provide around 800 jobs, spanning direct and indirect roles. Bavaria's commitment to social impact is further exemplified by its alliance with the National Training Service SENA, a Colombian public institution aimed at training local talent in various aspects of beer production, facilitating their integration into the company's workforce and invigorating the local job market.

One of the standout features of the Atlantic Brewery is its dedication to environmental responsibility. Set to become operational by October 2024, the plant will harness the power of solar energy right from its inception, ensuring 100% renewable electric energy usage. This commitment to sustainability extends beyond energy sourcing, with the brewery adhering to high environmental standards in its construction and operation. Notably, the facility's energy efficiency is expected to rank among the best in the global beer industry.

With a projected production capacity of 6 million hectoliters, the Atlantic Brewery will produce national beer brands like Águila, Poker, and Club Colombia. Beyond serving local markets, the brewery's strategic location near the expanded port of Barranquilla and the navigable Magdalena River positions it for potential export to regional countries.

The Atlantic Brewery is a testament to Bavaria's dedication to minimizing its carbon footprint. As part of its ambitious sustainability goals, the company aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across its value chain by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement. This commitment extends to all aspects of Bavaria's operations, ensuring emissions reduction even at points of sale.


Bavaria's enduring commitment to growth, innovation, and sustainability is further underscored by the Atlantic Brewery's construction. This landmark venture serves as a beacon of progress, not only for Bavaria but for the Colombian brewing industry as a whole.

Sergio Rincón expressed his pride in sharing this momentous occasion with the Colombian community. He highlighted that the new Atlantic Brewery stands as a testament to Bavaria's enduring legacy and its determination to contribute to Colombia's advancement. The brewery's construction resonates with Bavaria's ethos of growth, investment, and a vision for a brighter future.

The Atlantic Brewery is a milestone in Bavaria's history, as the last brewery built by the company was the Valle Brewery in 2005. It adds to the seven plants the company has in Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Itagüí, Yumbo, Tibasosa, and Tocancipá. Additionally, the brewer has two malt houses, one in Cartagena and another in Tibitó, as well as a label factory in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca.

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