Dubai, Venezuela: Where to find the world's most expensive and cheapest beers

Venezuela is the place to go, at least when you look for a cheap beer. Caracas is according to a research of compiled from cost of living sites Numbeo and Expatistan the cheapest place on earth to drink a beer. In a list of 177 major cities around the globe beer prices vary from US$11.79 to US$0.70 for half a liter of beer in a restaurant. On average a pint of beer, which is about half a liter, costs US$ 3.29.

In general it can be noted that the most expensive beer can be found in Arab countries, where beer consumption is usually restricted to exclusive hotel bars for foreigners like in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, US$11.79), Quatar (Doha, US$11.69), Bahrain (Manama, US$ 8.69) and Oman (Muscat, US$ 8.09).

High beer prices can also be found in Nordic and Scandinavian countries with high taxes on beer like in Iceland (Reykjavik, US$10.95), Norway (Oslo, US$9.86), Sweden (Stockholm, US$ 7.48), Finland (Helsinki, US$ 7.36) and Denmark (Copenhagen, US$ 7.14), and/or in cities and countries with a high cost of living in general like in Singapore (Singapore, US$ 8.64), Switzerland (Zurich, US$ 7.96), USA (New York, $US 7.65), France (Paris, US$ 7.58), Hong Kong (Kowloon,US$ 7.42), UK (London, US$ 6.55), Australia (Sydney, US$ 6.15), Canada (Toronto, US$ 5.63) and Japan (Tokyo, US$ 5.52).

Cheaper beer can usually be found in countries with a rich history of beer and smaller taxes on alcohol like in Belgium (Brussels, US$ 4.45), Germany (Berlin, US 3.91), Poland (Warsaw, US$ 2.67) and the Czech Republic (Prague, US$ 1.64).

Medium priced are also the beers in emerging countries like China (Shanghai, US$ 4.88), Brazil (Sao Paolo, US$ 4.05), Turkey (Istanbul, US$ 3.43), India (Mumbai, US$ 3.40) and Russia (Moscow, US$ 3.30).

The cheapest beer is usually available in less developed countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, where people cannot spend a lot of money on a drink like in Venezuela (Caracas, US$ 0.70), Uzbekistan (Tashkent, US$ 0.81), Nigeria (Lagos, US$ 0.86) and Malawi (Lilongwe, US$ 0.88).

The survey, however, is distorted by the fact that it only looks at beers in restaurants, which is highly influenced not only by the cost of staff but also by the rental costs, which vary a lot from city to city even within a country. The lease of a restaurant in New York is probably much higher than that of a diner in the desert of Nevada. The same is true for a restaurant in Moscow compared to one somewhere in Siberia.

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