Efes’ CEO Robin Michael Goetzsche resigns

Following our INSIDE.BEER news from last week, where we speculated about a possible merger of the Russian operations of Anadolu Efes and AB InBev, we received today the news that Anadolu Efes’ CEO Robin Michael Goetzsche has resigned his position due to personal reasons. 

Effective as of Jan. 1, 2017, he will be replaced by John Gavin Hudson, currently managing director of Efes Russia. Hudson joined SABMiller South Africa in 1992 and has served in several executive positions in marketing, sales, distribution and general management within SABMiller. Before being appointed as Managing Director of Efes Russia in 2016 he acted as the Sales Vice President of SABMiller in Colombia.

The idle role as Managing Director of Efes Russia will be taken over by Efes Russia’s CFO Roy Alan Cornish in addition to resuming his current position. The fact that there will be no additional appointment for the leading role in Efes Russia could be another reference to the soon merger with AB InBev in Russia.

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