Europe: Higher acreage of spring barley partly offset by delayed sowing

Abundant rainfall during last fall’s sowing period and wet farmland has prevented seeding and decreased winter planting. In turn spring barley acreage was increased. According to estimates by agricultural journal Agrarzeitung the areas under spring barley in Denmark, France, UK, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic, which represent some of the most import countries for the cultivation of this crop in Europe, were enlarged by 258,000 ha (+9.6%) this spring compared to the year before.

What could lead to a larger spring barley crop and lower prices for malting barley will be at least partly offset by a delayed planting due to the long and cold winter weather. Graincom reports today that spring seeding has finished in France and Germany and has made a good progress in Denmark, Sweden and the UK. However, it is expected that the delay already amounts to 15 to 20 days, which will negatively affect yields. This year's amount of malting barley will more than ever dependent on the weather during vegetation and especially during crop since the seed will need optimum conditions during the shortened vegetation period.

Spring barley plantings in Russia and Ukraine are also sharply delayed and local farmers are concerned that the planting window is closing soon.

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