German beer export expected to grow further

German beer export is already well under way but still has a lot of potential compared to other industries.  Still many German breweries lack export know-how and limit themselves therefore to the domestic market. This was the essence of the first Export Forum German Beer held on Monday before Brau Beviale fair in Nuremberg.

German beer contributes 4.6 % to all sales of the German food and beverage industry but has only a share of 2.1% of the total export volume as Stefanie SabetFederation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE), pointed out. This is mainly due to the fragmented industry with lots of small and medium sized players compared to most of the other foodstuffs industries. Still the current German beer export is viewed by exporters as very successful and much more positive than in all the other investigated industries.

Furthermore the expectations for future business remain positive. 55% of all managing directors and export managers interviewed in May 2016 as part of a six-monthly export survey conducted by BVE expect a growing business in the future.

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