Germany: 2018 … and the winner is Krombacher!

Krombacher, the leading beer brand in Germany, could extend its lead amongst the top 15 German beer brands in 2018, according to the newest beer brand chart of Inside Getränke, the independent German journal for the beverage industry, which also publishes this newsletter.

Bernhard Schadeberg, the owner of the privately owned brewery, managed to raise sales of branded beer by 261.000 hl (+4.5%) in 2018 despite last year’s price increase of the Krombacher beer brand. Beer sales exceed the 6 million hl threshold on December 12, 2018, which was celebrated by Schadeberg and his team the same day. Including non-alcoholic beverages (OranginaDr. PepperVitamalz) and the group’s other beer brands (RolinckCABRhenania) sales exceeded 7.5 million hl in 2018, 5.5% more than the year before.

Other winners shown in last year’s brand list were PaulanerVeltinsWarsteiner and Ur-Krostitzer Biggest loosers were RadebergerHasseröder (AB InBev), Oettinger and König. Although official data is not available yet, the total beer market in Germany is supposed to have ended with a slight plus of +0.6% by the end of December.

The Inside ranking does not include private label production and other beer brands within a group as well as soft drinks. The full list in German is available to subscribers here.

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