Germany: AB InBev considers mass-production of Le Beck’s

After having successfully tested it at “some of the most exclusive events” and “due to the overwhelming response”, AB InBev is considering mass-production of its characteristically shaped beer can called Le Beck’s. Le Beck’s, is a special edition beer can that is shaped like a champagne flute. It is designed to be served at occasions and in locations where usually other drinks are being served. Also it is meant to change the perception of a beer can, which is sometimes seen as a cheap kind of packaging.

“The inspiration behind the packaging was to bring canned beer to venues and events where it is not traditionally consumed. As a result, the Le Beck’s cans have been trialed in art galleries, classical music concerts, and other ‘exclusive’ events in Germany.”

“The crafting and design of the Le Beck’s cans from prototyping to finished design, involves a luxurious brushed aluminum finish with precision laser and analog engravings marking the timeless label design. The seamless shape is a revelation in the canned-beer industry, and a first in beer-packaging around the world,” says Seviceplan, the largest and most diversified owner-managed and partner-managed agency group in Europe, that has developed the concept of Le Beck’s together with its client AB InBev.

Susanne Koop, Marketing Manager at AB InBev Germany, who is responsible for the Beck's brand, explains: “Innovation is an integral part of the Beck’s brand DNA and Le Beck’s helps us to drive it further.”

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