Germany: Appeal against end of Carlsberg’s proceedings

The Düsseldorf Public Prosecutor's Office has lodged an appeal with the German Federal Supreme Court against the termination of the antitrust proceedings against Carlsberg, Inside Getränke reported today. At the beginning of April, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court discontinued the proceedings against Carlsberg due to the statute of limitations. (, 3.4.2019)

Only Carlsberg and former CEO Wolfgang Burgard had appealed against the fines imposed by the German Federal Cartel Office. The Chief Public Prosecutor, Dr. Daniel Vollmert last demanded a fine of EUR 250 million. This corresponded to a quadrupling of the original cartel fine of EUR 62 million. And Burgard was to pay even more - namely EUR 300,000. With the suspension at the beginning of April, both Carlsberg and Burgard went unpunished.

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