Germany: Beer sales in 2016 slightly positive

German brewers could finish the year 2016 with total beer sales of 96 million hectoliters, which is a small surplus of 0.1% compared to the year before. However beer sales inside of Germany in 2016 decreased by 0.7% due to a bad December according to the newest data released by German Federal Statistical Office. Cold and unfavorable weather in December pushed down domestic beer sales by -7% and turned  the overall domestic beer statistics for 2016 in Germany to red.

The monthly export into other countries of the European Union decreased also by 9.6% compared to December 2015. Only a staggering +10.2% in export to third countries (USA, China etc.) could improve the overall picture in the last month of 2016.

Total beer export out of Germany increased 3.6% in 2016 to 16.24 million hectoliters. Thereof 6.2 million hectoliters (+9.5%) were shipped outside the European Union.

The figures above released by the German Federal Statistical Office do not include non-alcoholic beer and mixed beer drinks. The latter are shown in a separte statics.

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