Germany: Beer sales in first nine months erode perceptibly by 3.1%

Beer sales in Germany eroded perceptively in the first nine months of 2017. From January to September sales volume declined by 2.26 million hectoliters or 3.1% year on year.

Domestic sales went down by 2.7% (-1.64 million hl) while export within the European Union dropped by 3.1% (-250.000 hl). Hardest hit was export to third countries with -6.6% (-370.000 hl). Especially declining beer sales to China were responsible for this effect. From the regional beer statistics it can be seen that mainly breweries in the southwestern German states Saarland, Rhineland Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg lost export sales overseas.

The new statistics come to no surprise since beer consumption in Germany is steadily falling for years, only interrupted by years with exceptional dry and warm weather or special events like Football World Cup or European Football Championships. Since these events take place only every second year and that is to say in an even year, the decline in beer sales in 2017 could be expected.

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