Germany: BrewDog counters Nazi beer with humour

“Punk brewer” BrewDog, has countered with humor the launch of Deutsches Reichsbräu, a beer labeled with Nazi symbols that was offered two weeks ago at a beverage store in a small East German village before public pressure and the licensor of the retail chain caused the retailer to withdraw the beer (, 24.1.2020).

The Scottish craft brewery, which reopened last year a brewery in Berlin, Germany that was originally set up by U.S. craft brewer Stone Brewing (, 5.4.2019), made up a poster and put it on a truck in front of the restaurant of a well-known Neo Nazi, who designed the Nazi beer. The poster said: “If you only like one skin color, you can't do anything with 30 beers anyway,” showing a range of 30 bottled BrewDog beers.”

On top, a small red badge on the poster indicated the availability of BrewDog’s product range: “Now and never available at the beverage store in Bad Bibra and at the [restaurant] Golden Lion,” a reference to the two locations where you could buy the Nazi beer before.

The campaign was well received by the public on social media: "Excellent campaign", "brilliant move" or "my new favorite brand" were some of the reactions on Twitter and Facebook.

The brewery itself commented the post as follows: “BrewDog stands for diversity and tolerance instead of simplicity and ignorance: This applies to our beers as well as to our international team and the society we stand for. Cheers!”

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