Germany: Chinese retail group buys 400 year old brewery

Dashang Group, the largest retailer in Northeast China that operates more than 400 department stores and shops in over 15 provinces, has bought the more than 400-years old Schlossbrauerei Au-Hallertau through its German subsidiary FCAA Castle Brewery Company. The brewery from the namesake Bavarian village and hop growing region north of Munich/Germany has a production of about 55,000 hl and employs 40 people. 20 percent of the production already goes into export, mainly to China and USA. The company has also a contract with Boon Rawd Brewery from Thailand to brew Singha beer for the European market.

The investor pursues the goal of "positioning the quality beers of the Schlossbrauerei Au-Hallertau as a separate brand across the whole of China. The Dashang Group has already successfully implemented this strategy with its own European wineries”, explained baron Michael Beck von Peccoz,CEO of the company, in a press statement on Friday.

“It was extremely important to us that the new owner invests in the brewery in Au and that jobs are secured in the long term,” said the manager, whose family is running the brewery in its 6th generation. He also declared that he will help with the transition of the brewery to the new owner "because this affirms the close cooperation between investor and [the former owner] family on the one hand and on the other hand, it is ensured that the existing contact persons remain the same for the customers."

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