Germany: Entrepreneurs develop protein beer for bodybuilders

Two young German entrepreneurs, who were fed up with artificial sweetened protein drinks, have invented an amino acids enriched beer, which is aimed at strength sportsmen, bodybuilders and other athletes. The product was developed in the last two years together with experts of VLB Berlin. It was not easy to enrich in a non-alcoholic beer matrix at least 67 g / l of suitable amino acids, which are already recognized because of their positive properties for muscle growth, muscle endurance and the regeneration of power reserves.

In the end resulted a non-alcoholic beer with 21 grams of protein in a 0.33 l bottle, which corresponds to the German purity regulations of beer with the exception of amino acids which are artificially added. However, the absence of preservatives, sweeteners and coloring agents makes the product much more natural than conventional protein drinks.

JoyBräu, how the new product is dubbed, was launched in March this year. When it won in April the Innovation & Trend Award 2018 in the Lifestyle category at Fibo, the leading fitness fair in the world, the product caught attention of domestic wholesalers and fitness studios and importers in Spain, Latin America and Asia. The first batch of the product, which is produced at family-owned Brauerei Bischoff in Winnweiler, in the South-West of Germany, was immediately sold out.

The two founders of JoyBräu Erik Dimter and Tristan Brümmer are now planning on a bigger scale and hope for another push during this year’s FIFA Worldcup, which is going to start next week.

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