Germany: Esau & Hueber is said to be sold

Esau & Hueber, a supplier for services and functional modules and systems for the brewing and beverage industry with a strong background in yeast management and aeration technology industry is allegedly for sale.

Inside Getraenke reported today that according to unnamed sources the company which is based in Schrobenhausen, 70 km north-west of Munich, Germany, has given potential buyers access to documents in a data room. The company was so far not available for a statement.

In 2008, Esau & Hueber was acquired by Bauer Resources, a subsidiary of Bauer AG, also registered in Schrobenhausen. Bauer is a specialist for foundation engineering and designs, develops and manufactures rotary drilling rigs, diaphragm wall and ground improvement equipment. In addition it has diversified in recent years in many related areas. Despite the same location, both companies do not have a lot of overlap which could be the reason for a possible sale.

In September 2019, Esau & Hueber formed a strategic alliance with NDL Craft, a Qingdao-China-based manufacturer of brewhouse equipment and tanks with operations in Detroit, Michigan and Sheffield, England (, 4.9.2019). This makes NDL Craft one of the most likely candidates for a takeover if it was to come.

If one is to visit NDL Craft’s website where all locations are listed, the company does not only show the addresses in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and China but also lists Germany and Sweden and the remark “Coming Soon!”

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