Germany expects largest hop crop in 23 years

Favorable weather with a better mix of rain and sunshine helped this summer to boost growth of hops and increase yield of alpha-acids. The total German hop crop, which usually accounts for one third of the overall production in the world, is expected to reach 41,000 tons (Hallertau 35.500 tons, Elbe-Saale 3.000 tons, Tettnang 2,000 tons, Spalt and Bitburg 700 tons). This is an increase of 45% from the very low figure of 28,300 tons in 2015. Hot and dry weather affected negatively growth of hops last year.

"Germany's harvest is not over yet but it looks like the crop will be much better than the disastrous crop in 2015 and we are expecting the largest German hop crop since 1993," Stephan Barth, managing partner of the Barth Haas Group told Reuters.

Other important European growing regions, including the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia also look favorable.

The improved supply will end shortages that have plagued the industry in the last season but does not have an easing effect on prices so far. Experts believe that the industry has an increased demand for hops in order to fill up run down stocks.

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