Germany: Groundbreaking for new € 10.8m brewing center in Weihenstephan

On Monday, the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) celebrated the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony of its new Center for Applied Brewing and Beverage Technology. The complex is scheduled to cost about € 10.8 million (US$ 12.5m) and will be finished in three years, ready to start in the winter semester 2021/22.

It became necessary after the course of study bachelor in brewing technology which was introduced at the HSWT in the winter semester 2011 became an instant success. Currently 300 applications have been submitted for the current winter semester, but only 92 can take up their studies - with 60 places to study.

The new building will have a floor space of about 1,360 square meters and will house the technical center itself as well as several  laboratories for research, sensory analysis, microbiology and chemical-technical analysis.

"It's a dream for me to have a technical center where students can work anytime," says Professor Winfried Ruß, who helped to establish the program.

The new HSWT building is the last in row of several major investments in scientific teaching and research institutes for brewing in Germany.

In 2013, the International Beverage Science Center Weihenstephan as part of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was completed at a cost of €68 million (US$ 78.5m).

In November 2017, the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB) officially inaugurated a new € 35 million (US$ 40m) brewing and beverage training and education center in Berlin. (, 13.11.2017)

In 2021 the 123 year old private brewing and savouring school Doemens plans to move to its new 5,000 square meter site in Gräfelfing near Munich/Germany. The new buildings are estimated to cost €20 million (US$23m) in addition to the €3.3 million (US$ 3.8m) purchase price of the site. (, 6.2.2017)

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