Germany: Krombacher increases lead in beer brand ranking

In the newest ranking of German beer brands published by INSIDE GETRAENKE, Krombachercould increase the lead to No.2 Oettingerby almost 340,000 hectoliters. While the market leader pushed up sales of its main brand in 2016 by 3% to 5.65 million hectoliters, Oettinger sales shrank 5.2% to 5.22 million hectoliters.

Bitburger, the No. 3 beer brand Germany also saw a moderate decline by 0.8% to 3.81 million hectoliters in 2016 while the following brands Veltins(+2.4, 3.88m hl) and Becks’s (3.5%, 2.65m hl) increased their share.

Next in the list are Paulaner, Warsteiner, Hasseröder, Radebergerand Erdinger, which all suffered from falling sales last year.

The whole German beer market in 2016 was characterized by a severe price competition,a slightly decling inland market (-0.5%) and rising export sales.

The ranking does not include private label production and other beer brands as well as soft drinks . The full list is available for subscribers here.

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