Germany: Krombacher increases sales 17 years in a row

Krombacher, one of the largest breweries in Germany, announced an all-time sales high in its 214 years of history. The company could increase sales for the 17th year in a row. Turnover climbed by 3.9% to €745.3 million in 2016.

The privately owned brewing group sold over all categories 232,000 hectoliters more (+3.5%) than in the previous year and reached in total 6.937 million hectoliters (5,911 million barrels) in 2016. Thereof 5.653 million hectoliters (+3.0%) is beer, which is sold under the lead brand Krombacher. Krombacher Fassbrause, which is a non-alcoholic drink made from fruit and spices and malt extract, could increase sales by 9.9% to more than 100,000 hectoliters and achieved market leadership last year in its segment.

Regional beer brands of the group (Rolinck, Eichener, CAB, Rhenania) lost 20,000 hl.

Schweppes Germany, in which all the soda activities of Krombacher are bundled, sold 989,000 hectoliters (+4.0%) with the main brands Schweppes(825.500 hl, +6.0%), Orangina(102.000 hl, -5.6%) and Dr Pepper (52.000 hl, -4.6%).

Last year, Krombacher could secure100% of the trademark and distribution rights for the non-alcoholic malt beverage brand Vitamalz, which ranks number two in its category in Germany. Krombacher could sell 180,000 hectoliters of Vitamalz in 2016, which is an impressive growth of 48,000 hectoliter (+36.4%) compared to last year.

Export, mainly to the USA, U.K., Italy, Russia und South Korea, grew 7,000 hectoliters (+3.4%) to 212,000 hectoliters.

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