Germany: Oettinger Acquires Bankrupt Protein Beer Manufacturer

The Oettinger Brewery, with an output of nearly 7.5 million hectoliters one of the largest brewery and beverage groups in Germany, is acquiring the protein beer manufacturer JoyBräu. The Hamburg-based startup, founded in 2016 filed for insolvency in July 2023.

With this strategic acquisition, Oettinger aims to strengthen its innovation capabilities, according to CEO Stefan Blaschak: "On the one hand, we will continue the JoyBräu protein beer brand. On the other hand, we will elevate its spirit, agility, and willingness to experiment to the next level: We are integrating the patented process technology into the Oettinger product pipeline."

The two founders of JoyBräu, Erik Dimter and Tristan Brümmer, are reportedly staying on board and will be responsible for the innovation and product development sector. Oettinger’s Sales Manager Michael Griess is likely to have been involved in the deal as he was a member of the advisory board of JoyBräu.

Oettinger recently announced its intention to increasingly focus on the market for functional and non-alcoholic beverages in the future. The newly established brand, Oe, is oriented towards innovation, serving as a platform through which the 293-year-old family-owned company plans to introduce functional drinks across various product categories for both domestic and international markets starting this year. Under the motto "Beverages. Fair. For All.", Oettinger plans to significantly increase its sales with in-house brands and innovative products by 2026.

"Especially in the field of functional ingredients, we see the greatest potential even outside Germany," explains Stefan Blaschak. "In terms of acceptance and willingness to purchase food with added benefits for personal well-being, consumers in many countries are light-years ahead of us." The business model of offering the best quality at a fair price remains the strategic foundation, says CEO Stefan Blaschak.

The JoyBräu brand has been on the market since 2018 and, in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin, created the world's first protein beer. The patent for the manufacturing process is held by the university. JoyBräu has been granted an unlimited, worldwide right to use for a licensing fee.

Stefan Denkhaus, a lawyer and partner at the BRL law firm, as well as the insolvency administrator of JoyBräu, states: "With Oettinger, we have found a strategic buyer who, with its family business background and international orientation, creates a new perspective for the innovative beverage brand JoyBräu."

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