Germany: Oettinger Brewery pays out shareholders

The Bavarian branch of the Kollmar family has regained total control of Oettinger Brewery, third biggest brewing group in Germany with a total production of about 8.5 million hectoliters in 2018. Pia Kollmar (50) together with her mother Ingrid Kollmar have bought all outstanding shares of the brewing group which were held by the widow Astrid Kollmar and the two sons of her brother deceased Dirk Kollmar. In addition, the Oettingen-based family has bought out Jan-Peter Stölken, Jörg Dierig und Dr. Karl Liebl, three former managers of the company, which were closely related to the deceased former managing partner and held shares in the two companies Oettinger International and 5,0 Original International.

After Dirk Kollmar, who held 80 percent of the shares of the brewing group, unexpectedly passed away aged 50 in May 2014, his mother demanded the shares back for her daughter, and a long-lasting dispute arose. The matter was finally brought before the Regional Court of Augsburg. In October 2017, both sides could agree on an arbitration, which concluded that the Bavarian branch of the family with Ingrid Kollmar and her daughter Pia Kollmar got back about 75 percent of the company’s shares, while the Thuringian branch with Astrid Kollmar and her two sons were left with the remaining 25 percent. (, 6.10.2017)

However, after the hefty disputes of the last years, it was clear that both sides would never work amicably together. Therefore the transaction, which was completed yesterday but not announced before today, marks an important step for the Bavarian based company.

Pia Kollmar, partner in Oettinger Brewery, said in today’s press statement: "This is a hugely important day for us because the purchase of the shares creates transparency and gives us back full legal capacity."

Bernhard Wenninger, Managing Director at Oettinger Brewery, commented: "Signing the purchase contract has paved the way for profitable, strategic growth on the beer market for Oettinger Brewery GmbH and its shareholders, employees and business partners."

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Oettinger Brewery operates four brewing sites all over Germany located in Oettingen, Braunschweig, Mönchengladbach, Gotha and a logistics center in Walldorf, in the south-west of Germany. About one third of the total production of 8.5 million hl is exported to around 100 countries worldwide.

Since February 1, Enrique Gil Colomer is Oettinger’s new export manager. The Spanish manager is based at the head office in Oettingen, Bavaria, in contrast to Oettinger’s former  main export agency Oettinger International, which is based in Hamburg and which is headed by Jan-Peter Stölken. Stölken as well as former COO Dr. Karl Liebl (, 31.10.2017) had 9.62 percent in Oettinger International, which were now sold to the majority owner.

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