Germany: Oettinger names Peter Böck as new Managing Director

Oettinger Brauerei, one of the leading brewing groups in Germany, has named Peter Böck (49) as the new Managing Director in charge of marketing and sales.  The appointment became inofficially known two weeks ago but was now confirmed by the company. Böck, who holds a degree in economics with University of Mannheim, worked since 1998 with Rudolf Wild International and since 2003 with Deutsche Sisi-Werke (Capri Sun) in various functions of marketing and sales, in the last two years as its managing director. Both companies are subsidiaries of Rudolf Wild & Co., a natural flavor and ingredients company headquartered in Eppelheim, near Heidelberg, Germany, which was sold in 2014 to Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) for €2.3 billion.

He completes Oettingers management team with Dr. Andreas Boettger (52), who joined Oettinger as new Managing Director in charge of technology in November 2017 and Bernhard Wenninger (52), since December 2017 new Managing Director in charge of finance, human resources, and IT. The three new managers, who do not have an extensive experience in the brewing industry, will be assisted by Oettinger’s longstanding Managing Director Michael Mayer (62).

In October last year disputes over the ownership of the brewing group were settled by arbitration and the Bavarian branch of the owner’s family with Ingrid Kollmar and her daughter Pia Kollmar gained control over 75% of the company while the Thuringian branch with Astrid, Dennis and Kevin Kollmar stayed with the remaining 25%. (, 6.10.2017)

Shortly afterwards, Oettinger laid off Jörg Dierig, who was since 2014 Chief Executive Officer in charge of marketing, sales, export and licensing, and Dr. Karl Liebl, who worked with Oettinger for the last 18 years as Managing Director in charge of technology. (, 31.10.2017)

Thomas Kummler, who worked since 2013 as head of purchasing with Oettinger had also to go in December 2017 and was replaced by Harald Adanitsch, who held this position already before 2013 and returned now to the company.

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