Germany: Radeberger extends market leadership

Radeberger Group has extended its position as leading beer group in Germany. The group, which belongs to privately owned food and drinks conglomerate Oetker and which includes dozens of national and regional beer brands like Radeberger, Jever, Schöfferhofer and Clausthaler, did not grow by itself but instead took profit from last year's weak performance of its direct competitors.

While beer sales in 2019 of the Radeberger Group were more or less stable with 11.63 million hectoliters (-0.2%), the next largest group TCB Beverages, sold only 8.45 million hectoliters, which was 2.5% less than in the preceding year. The group, which is based in Frankfurt/Oder close to Berlin, produces in three breweries in Germany and one in France several local brands like Feldschlösschen, Champigneulles, Askania, Gilde and Coschützer but is mainly known as a producer of private label beer. Sales of the French subsidiary like with the other groups are not included in the list, in order not to distort the list which only shows sales in Germany.

Next came Oettinger Group, which had to cope with a decline in sales to 7.8 million hectoliters (-8,0%) due to a severe price hike in 2019. The group, which is also privately owned, sells most of its beers under its own Oettinger label. Oettinger beer is moderately priced and suffers most from the competition of private label brands.

On the next ranks follow Bitburger Group, AB InBev Germany, Krombacher Group and Paulaner Group which all sold between 6.0 and 6.55 million hectoliter of beer last year in Germany.

The whole list is available to subscribers of the German news service inside.getraenke.

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