Germany: Rhenser Mineralbrunnen Acquires Koblenzer Beer Brand

Rhenser Mineralbrunnen GmbH acquires Koblenzer beer brand following the Koblenzer Brauerei GmbH's insolvency filing last November (, 24.11.2023). Despite efforts, no investor was found to take over the brewery, leading to its closureon January 31, 2024.

Christian Berentzen, Rhenser's managing director, expressed commitment to preserving regional brands like Koblenzer. The brewing operations at the old location in Koblenz will not be continued.

As Berentzen emphasizes, the new investor has found an unnamed "reliable partner" where three varieties of the Koblenzer brand beer will be produced in the future, along with an additional beer mix with Rhenser's Silvetta lemonade. Operations for beer and mineral water logistics, distribution, and communication will be centralized in Rhens.

Some former Koblenzer brewery employees will join Rhenser. Alexander Jüchser, the provisional insolvency administrator, applauds Rhenser's dedication to maintaining the Koblenzer brand.

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