Germany: Third Generation Takes the Helm at Schörghuber Group/Paulaner

The CEO of the Schörghuber Group, Nico Nusmeier, is stepping down as planned after five years and is moving to the board of trustees. Taking over the role as CEO is 29-year-old Florian Schörghuber, grandson of company founder Josef Schörghuber and son of Stefan Schörghuber, who passed away in 2088, and his wife Alexandra Schörghuber. Florian Schörghuber already served as Co-CEO for the last two years.

Additionally, a new Chief Operating Officer is to be appointed to complete the leadership team alongside CEO Florian Schörghuber, CFO Stefan Fischbach, and Alexandra Schörghuber as a member without portfolio responsibility. The identity of the individual slated to fill this role has not yet been disclosed.

In recent years, the Schörghuber Group, with support from various consulting firms (Roland Berger, Bain), has embarked on a "transformation process," which has resulted in personnel changes alongside a downsizing of the corporate headquarters. Heads have rolled across all divisions, including the most crucial ones like Bayerische Hausbau, which has recently faced pressure, as well as the hotels and the 70%-owned subsidiary Paulaner Group, where CEO Dr.Jörg Lehmann and sales managers Raphael Rauer, and most recently, Andreas Steinfatt, were affected.

At Paulaner, Nusmeier aggressively demanded a significant improvement in results. The group was expected to double its previously above-average EBIT for the German beer market, which stood at 50 million euros at Nusmeier's appointment in 2018. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine crisis, challenging years followed, and according to internal information, the result last year was even below the value of 2018.

"We brought Nico Nusmeier to the helm of our group five years ago to prepare it for the future," said Alexandra and Florian Schörghuber in a press release today. "After successfully managing ongoing crises, he has significantly initiated and propelled the transformation of our group. As a result, we entered 2024 with ambitious growth strategies and modernized structures across all five business sectors."

Both are pleased that their family's former CEO will continue to serve as an advisor. Beside his new role on the board of trustees, a position he held from 2014 to 2019, Nico Nusmeier will continue to serve as President on the board of the Chilean salmon producer Productos del Mar Ventisqueros S.A.

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