Germany/Austria: Doemens Takes the Reins, New Era for Beer Sommelier Training

As of January 1, 2024, Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing near Munich, Germany, will take over all training courses and programs in the beer sommelier field from Kiesbye Academy, Obertrum, Austria. Nearly 20 years ago, both institutes jointly initiated the beer sommelier training, significantly elevating the status and importance of beer in the public eye.

Since the first course in 2004, generations of experts have been trained, sharing their knowledge with thousands of beer enthusiasts.

Axel Kiesbye, the initiator who developed the groundbreaking concept, now plans to step back from the training business. Therefore, he has transferred his shares in the joint project to Doemens. To ensure continuity, Jens Luckart, who served as Director of Continuing Education at Kiesbye Academy for over eleven years, will continue his activities at Doemens starting January 1, 2024.

"With Jens Luckart, Doemens gains an expert well-established in the Austrian brewing industry and beyond, enjoying a high reputation," writes Doemens in a press release. Jens Luckart was our preferred candidate for continuing education in beer sommelier, as he is an excellent lecturer with proven expertise in this field," emphasizes Dr. Werner Gloßner, CEO of Doemens Academy. In addition, Luckart will also be active in the consulting sector at Doemens, providing support, especially to Austrian breweries, in technological and technical matters.

Starting next year, Axel Kiesbye will advance the expansion of the Kiesbye Braumeistercamp into a leading event in the brewing industry. He plans, among other things, to establish his own brewery with an integrated beer enjoyment world.

"I want to fulfill a lifelong dream with my own brewery, combining my brewing science expertise and beer sommelier knowledge in a unique meeting and brewing place," says Kiesbye. "This new chapter in my life requires my full commitment and focus. However, it is important to me that my previous beer sommelier clients continue to be offered the highest quality and that the training is continued in the best hands, as per my vision. I am convinced that this can only be achieved with Doemens."

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