Germany’s most successful beer brands are ….

Inside Getränke-Markt-Magazin, the parent company of, published its annual beer brand hit list today. The list contains the best-selling German beer brands with sales of more than 1 million hectoliters. Like last year, 15 beer brands are on the list, but there are interesting shifts within the ranking.

Krombacher was able to continue its triumphal march last year and again climbed to the top of the list with a plus of 166,000hl. With a total of 5,756,000 hl, Krombacher was clearly ahead of number two Oettinger, who lost 295,000 hl last year and only just managed to maintain their lead over third-placed Bitburger with 3,697,000 hl. Sales of Bitburger increased by 285,000 hl in 2022 to a total of 3,640,000 hl.

The next-placed brands Veltins (4th place, +259,000hl, 3,355,000hl) and Paulaner (5th place, +197,000hl, 2.440,000hl) also developed positively, while Beck's (6th place, -78,000hl, 2,420,000) and the other AB InBev brands Hasseröder (8th place, -57,000hl, 1,678,000) and Franziskaner (15th place, -38,000hl, 1,228,000hl) lost ground due to a lack of advertising support from the parent company.

Warsteiner (7th place, +170,000hl, 2,014,000 hl) managed to turn things around last year, mainly driven by a price increase that was not carried out in the spring. Unfortunately, this also means that the difference in the sales price per in retail compared to direct competitors has also increased.

Please note that the figures as mentioned above do not include other brands or beverages which are marketed under a different brand name. Therefore production and sales of individual breweries can widely differ from the above figures if the products are sold under a different name.

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