Iceland/Denmark: Low cost air carrier creates own craft beer

WOW air, the  low-cost air carrier from Island , has created its own craft beer to celebrate The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival, which is commemorating the lift of the beer ban in Iceland in 1989. The WOW Beer is a hoppy pilsner with lightly floral hop aromas and is described as crisp and malty. It comes from the Danish brewer To Øl, which is known for its unconventional and innovative creations. The so-called gypsi brewery leases machines from other established breweries and develops contemporary, full-flavored beers.

In order to make the beer not only tasteful but also visually unique, WOW air cooperates with the Icelandic artist Odee (Oddur Eysteinn Friðriksson). His digital collage art attracts worldwide attention. The unusual design of the beer can bears the title "I am in paradise" and follows the individual look of the airline. "The inspiration for the motive is the journey home and the incredible feeling, when you go home and then come to rest," says Odee.

The craft beer festival, which is also sponsored by WOW air, takes place from 22 - 24 February. It features beer from about 50 different breweries mainly form Iceland but also from abroad.

According to the organizers, “on March 1st 1989, the 74 year old spell of prohibition was lifted off Iceland's bent but not broken back, rebuilding social spirit and reassuring every man, woman and child, that NO force would ever hold back the inevitable conquest of beer. (We had to fight, for our right to party and we won the fight).

February 22nd to 24th, 2018, we will celebrate the existence of beer for the 7th time. Every year we celebrate, we will have some of the most exciting breweries on this planet, both local and foreign, introducing their produce.”

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