India: Kingfisher to launch instant beer

United Breweries, India's largest producer of beer that also produces the famousKingfisherbrand, has announced to introduce Kingfisher Instant Beer, the first instant beer which is made by mixing beer powder and carbonation powder into cold water. The product is sold in a packet which comes with two sachets in it. One is the carbonation powder and the other one is the beer powder. The beer powder is made by a freeze-drying process which separates the water from the dry matter of the beer.

For producing a refreshing beer, which has the “same great taste” like ordinary Kingfisher beer, all you need to do is to pour the carbonation powder into chilled water and stir it to produce carbonated water. In a second step you have to add the beer powder, mix it again and you will get instantly the ready-made beer.

The brewer sees the main advantages of its instant beer in the easy transport and storage of the product. “Often it becomes difficult to carry your beer around or to stock it,” Kingfisher explains in a commercial.

“A drink as free as beer doesn’t deserve to be bottled up. As the leading beer brand of the country it is our responsibility to keep our consumers satisfied with breakthrough innovations: A beer that is free of all packaging, that is easy to store, carry or drink anytime, anywhere.”

If you now wonder, why nobody else has ever come up with an idea like this, you have to be aware of the launching day of the new product. The commercial states at its end “Available from April 1 onwards.” A similar product launch was already announced two years ago (, 19.7.2019).

Update: 2.4.2019
Most readers may have noticed that Kingfisher’s instant beer was indeed an April Fool’s day joke.

We did not want to spoil the joke when we issued the news on April 1 but we tried to lead our readers back to the right path when we stated the date of the alleged product launch at the end of our news and when we referred to a news with a similar internet hoax.

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