India: Queenfisher Beer Takes Flight Alongside Kingfisher

At first glance, it might seem like an early April Fool's joke, but alongside the renowned Indian Kingfisher Beer, United Breweries Limited (UBL), a part of Heineken, has now introduced Queenfisher Beer.

Dubbed "The Queen of Good Times," the slogan of the new beer is a playful nod to the former CEO and majority shareholder Vijay Mallya, who was known as the “King of Good Times” for his lavish lifestyle but also for his involvement in unethical practices (, 19.4.2017) The initiative aims to pay tribute to the women who enrich our lives through sisterhood, friendship, and choice. It celebrates the bonds of sisterhood across all circles of friends, brought to life through various touchpoints, curated experiences, and a new lager beer.

The campaign encompasses more than just a fresh brew; it offers a new perspective on the iconic Calendar, now rebranded as The Galendar. Photographed by Avani Rai, each page features a QR code that, when scanned, reveals unique moments of sisterhood captured in films by director Kopal Naithani. Through the dedicated microsite,, the public can immerse themselves in the world of sisterhood as shared by women and even create personalized Galendars to share with others. Notably, Queenfisher Beer is an all-women initiative, from crafting the limited-edition Queenfisher can to brewing it under the guidance of female brewers.

The packaging of Queenfisher beer embodies inclusivity, featuring silhouettes of diverse women against a vibrant purple backdrop, with the iconic bird uplifted and crowned as a tribute to the queens celebrated through this campaign. In line with the ethos of Kingfisher, Queenfisher provides a platform for meaningful and candid conversations, recognizing the additional scrutiny and judgment women often face in society.

Vikram Bahl, CMO of United Breweries Limited, commented, “Queenfisher is our tribute to inclusivity and the indomitable power of female friendship. As we raise our cans, we not only celebrate women but also acknowledge the extraordinary influence they wield in their everyday connections. Here’s to the queens among us, whose brilliance shines brighter when they stand together!”

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