Ireland: Pernod Ricard Sells Craft Brewery After Nearly Six Years

Nearly six years after Irish Distillers, a subsidiary of the French spirits group Pernod-Ricard, acquired Eight Degrees Brewing (, 11.5.2018), the largest producer of Irish whiskey has sold its Cork-based craft beer venture back to its original founders for an undisclosed sum.

Irish Distillers had been looking to sell off Eight Degrees Brewing for some time. Last year, Irish Distillers had approached potential buyers regarding the purchase of one of Ireland’s leading craft beer businesses. Although there appeared to be a few interested parties, no deals materialized. Ultimately, the brewery found its way back into the hands of its co-founders, Scott Baigent and Cam Wallace, who established the business in 2010.

After selling the brewery in 2018 and departing from it only 18 months ago, both Baigent and Wallace expressed a yearning for the craft beer brewing industry. This break allowed them to reflect on their passions and aspirations.

"After recharging our batteries," Wallace remarks, "we are eager to resume our journey, which began over 14 years ago. We've taken some time away from the brewing world to engage in self-reflection, and it has brought us back to our roots!"

Baigent shares this sentiment. "With a healthy dose of optimism and newfound energy, we aim to once again embody the 'Naturally Adventurous' spirit."

"We've cherished the experiences of the past five years," Baigent continues, "with Irish Distillers playing a pivotal role in the construction of our brewery in Mitchelstown, nestled at the base of the Galtee Mountains in North Cork."

"We've also relished the opportunity to craft some truly innovative beers alongside Irish Distillers," adds Wallace, "particularly our ventures into barrel aging, as well as the development of a range of exciting whiskeys finished in barrels seasoned with craft beer."

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