Japan: Asahi to Introduce Low-Alcohol Version of Asahi Super Dry

Japanese culture places great importance on traditions and stability. Therefore, it was almost revolutionary when the Japanese brewing company Asahi announced a relaunch and a change in the recipe of its flagship beer, Asahi Super Dry, for the first time since its introduction 35 years ago last year. (inside.beer, 7.1.2022)

Now, with the introduction of low-alcohol version of the prestigious brand dubbed Asahi Super Dry Dry Crystal, the second revolution follows.

While the name may repeat "Dry" twice, it's important to note that Asahi Super Dry Dry Crystal isn't an extra-dry version of Super Dry. Instead, it represents a low-alcohol variation of Super Dry. While the classic Super Dry boasts a 5 percent alcohol by volume, Dry Crystal contains 3.5 percent alcohol, as indicated on its label.

Despite the lower alcohol content, Asahi Breweries guarantees that Dry Crystal will not compromise on taste. The company promises a satisfyingly rich flavor profile, achieved in part through the use of Polaris hops and a fermentation rate higher than the average for the new beer.

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