Limoment wins Drinkstarter 2016

Limomentis the new Drinkstarter 2016. The sugarless lemonade without any additives or preservatives and a fruit content of more than 60% is the winner chosen from more than 40 participants in this year’s contest for innovative drinks concepts.

A shortlist of 5 participants presented themselves to the audience of the Get.In congress in Frankfurt/Main, Germany on Tuesday. 326 delegates were able to vote for their preferred drinks concept. At the end Limoment gathered 30.2% of all votes, followed by Glühbo and Minuspol with 24.3% each.

Limoment will now be testlisted in major beverage shops all over Germany at no charge. Drinkstarter has already been an important stepping stone for the winners of the two preceding Drinkstarter competitions.

Limoment was inventend by Janosch Kriesten, who also acts as CEO of the new company. He is supported by his three friends Phillip Marsell, Kim Marcel Czesna and Moritz Kinder. For more information please have a look at the Limoment homepage.

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